Why You Should Use Emails When Communicating to Subscribers

Music is just as amazing as it sounds. The harmony and instruments used when listening to a music create an impact of imagination like creating a haven full of happiness – that is if you are listening to a happy song. There are times when you just flat out laying on your bed all day and you wanted to listen to songs. Then it comes to you that you would like to create a music of your own or a vibe of your own. You wanted to be identified and you wanted to build a name because that is how and where most popular singers started.

The process

You then create a Youtube channel that caters to all of those who would like to listen to you or plainly those who love music. Suddenly after posting, you’re first ever video, you get to a point where there are subscribers. Subscribers make you famous. And with this alone, you can definitely make money. As you make money, you get to realize that there are several options for you to gain more. Advertisements and sponsorships would come from time to time. Before you know it, you are already building a name for yourself.

Now that you have hundred and thousands of subscribers, you wanted to be able to understand how these subscribers would grow to millions and have your videos trending. For bloggers, it depends on the hits of their websites. For video creators like you, you just have to have a click or a bait that will have people look for you and properly support you all the way through. The first step is email reach out. Go ahead and create an email address that is only for your Youtube channel. Link your entertainment or show business related accounts then see for yourself.

Reaching out to you

The fastest way to reach out to your audience is through email. Send them a short clincher of your thank you’s and gratitude toward their support. After all, you would not be in your position without your subscribers. Aside from your gratitude email, have them subscribe to your channel at a specific time and day. The next thing that you want to do is send exclusive music tracks and vibes to your first 10 subscribers at this particular time. Other subscribers who did not get an email from you will crave for more and they would most likely watch out for your next promotion. Sending music vibes to your subscriber means that you have a personal touch with them and that you care about the music that they are listening to. If they send you emails, reply to them in a professional manner and let them know that you appreciate them.

Being famous in the industry of show business or even music is not an easy task. You always have to have something that would not leave your audience hanging wondering what could have happened or what is in store for you. The best part is making sure that your music vibes are all unique and is not copied from anyone else. Your subscribers would feel honored and flustered at the same time knowing that someone who is in the public eye and who is famous, is sending emails to subscribers to keep them posted.

Burger King For Music Artists

Music is one of those things that is universally enjoyed by everyone. The rich sounds and the poignant singing elicits strong emotional reactions from listeners. Music has been around throughout the history of humanity. Pre-historic instruments were limited to drums and vocal sounds. Today, there are a wide variety of instruments which can create many different types of sounds. Which ones an artist chooses to express himself is completely up to him.

While music has always been popular, there are more genres now than have ever been before. This means that more people are listening to the type of music which they like. It has also resulted in a greater demand for high-quality music. With this increased demand, the field is ripe for new music artists to join the scene. Now is the perfect time for budding artists to make a grand entrance and change the industry.


Making music is generally hard work. It requires a lot of creative thinking as well as skill and talent. It can take an artist hours of practice to perfect a song. All this hard work can make anyone feel tired. The best way to revitalize oneself and get back lost energy is by eating.

Food has all the nutrition and energy one could need. The best thing to eat when you’re tired is something that’s tasty and filling. This makes burgers the perfect food for hard working music artists. Burgers are popular because of how delicious they are.


The best place to get high-quality burgers is from Burger King. Burger King is international and one of the most popular fast food franchises for a reason. Their food stands out as being well-cooked and nice to look at. The burgers they make are appetizing and tasty. One of the most notable aspects of Burger King’s menu is the amount of choice and variety that can be found. There’s a great deal of choice when it comes to what exactly you want the burger to be like. You can order something small or large and get to choose between chicken and mutton for the meat of the party. You get to have your burger exactly as you want it.


While Burger King’s burgers are great, they may not be available close to where you work or live. This is because Burger King joints are limited in number and aren’t present everywhere. A great alternative, in this case, would a place like Au Bon Pain. Like Burger King, Au Bon Pain is also a franchise of restaurants. However, while Burger King specializes in burgers, Au Bon Pain is popular because of its baked goods. The franchise is known for the excellent pastries and bread they make. For our purposes though, we’ll be focusing on hot and cold sandwiches from Au Bon Pain. These sandwiches are quite filling and tasty. They come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties where non-vegetarian buyers also get to choose which type of meat goes into the sandwich. The cold sandwiches are refreshing and comparatively lighter. The hot sandwiches can come in grilled form and be eaten as a meal by itself. Either is great for music artists who need to eat something to gain energy.

Good Hurom Design for Music Artists


Hurom is a reputable juicer manufacturer that produces efficient juicers for excellent quality juice. Music artists are professionals who produce music to entertain people. Music artists need a juicer with a compact design in order to derive high-quality juice. Hurom has several juicers with a great design that can be of benefit to music artists. Here are some Hurom great design juicers for music artists.


  1. Hurom HU-100 Juicer:

Hurom HU-100 Juicer is a good Hurom design for music artists. This juicer comes with a compact design and is very efficient in producing excellent quality juice. This juicer is capable of juicing all types of fruits and raw food ranging from vegetables, almonds, nuts, e.t.c. Hurom HU-100 produces excellent juices with no pulp. Another benefit of this juicer for music artists is that it has a silent operation thereby allowing music artists to concentrate on the production of quality music.


  1. Hurom Premium Masticating Slow Juicer:

The Hurom Premium Masticating Slow Juicer is yet another good Hurom design for music artists. This juicer comes with a compact design. This product squeezes the juice out of raw foods while still allowing it to retain its taste. The yield from this juicer is always great and of high nutritional content.


  1. Hurom Model HH-SBB11 Juicer:

The Hurom Model HH-SSBB11 Juicer is a great Hurom Juicer with a compact design. This is a highly efficient Hurom Juicer that produces the least pulp for more juice. This is an efficient juicer that is suitable for music artists. The juicer works with a slow juicing technology that allows it to be silent during operation. The juicer has simplified parts which make it very easy to assemble and disassemble. The juicer is easy to use and equally easy to clean. One of the benefits of this juicer is that it has a self-cleaning mechanism for a fast and efficient cleaning of juicers.


  1. Hurom Fresh Juicer (JP Series):

The Hurom Fresh Juicer (JP Series) is another good from design for music artists. The juicer comes with a compact design and is highly efficient. This juicer operates silently which is why it is suitable for music artists. Aside from being performance efficient, the juicer is equally energy efficient. The juicer makes use of only 540 watts. Another benefit of the juicer is its compact size, this makes it easy to move from one location to another as it doesn’t take space. The juicer is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes cleaning remarkably easy.


  1. Hurom HK Juicer:

The Hurom HK Juicer is another great product from Hurom. This is one of the most beautiful Hurom juicers. The juicer has a compact design and it juices efficiently. The juicer produces great and tasty juices. The juicer has a built-in strainer that strains out the pulp and ensures that all you get is a smooth juice. The juicer comes with advanced features that ensure that it is properly assembled before it commences operation. The juicer comes with an external pulp ejector which means that you do not have to eject pulp manually. The juicer operates silently.

Ping Pong players as music artists

Do you think ping pong players can be music artists? Yes, there are very many examples in the globe. The main reason for this is each of the careers complements one another, at the same time, music acts as a relaxing activity while ping pong plays the physical exercise role.

Music is a creative art which is soothing to the soul, it allows you to relax and meditate as you plan your life goals as a ping pong player. After a loss in a ping pong game, you cannot afford to lose hope, you need to engage in an activity which allows you to relax and reduce anxiety ready for the next game. All these benefits are found in music. Similarly, music artists need to engage in physical body exercises which not only drain the body but also allows mental thinking to boost mental capability to allow further logic in the development of new hit songs.


Table tennis robots are solutions to act as artificial human beings. Look at this http://pingpongperfect.com/best-table-tennis-robot/.  When you do not wish to involve in the games, you can watch two robots battling for supremacy in the game. How is this of benefit? It makes you have diverse skills and tactics in handling various table tennis games for the sake of a win. It also allows your mind to relax as it enhances your cognitive development when you view some tactical skills in the game. At some point, you can engage in a game using a robot just the same way you can play with a computer game. The table tennis robots come in handy when you do not want to involve yourself in the game but you want to have a feel of ping pong game for fun, its fun with outdoor tables. 

Creative art skills need a sharp brain and practice on intelligence for success. Ping Pong as a game polishes the mental skills to allow music artists to have diverse abilities in the production of the best rhythm and music notations.


Coordination is yet another virtue portrayed in ping pong. You have to manage your body movement, your optical skills, and strategic paddling and ball response skills. All these have a positive long-term effect on the character of a ping pong player. If the same player involves in music where coordination of musical notes and notation is paramount, the effect is double. Most ping pong players who are also music artists have near perfect music careers since the two have a way of supplementing each other for success.


The digital solutions in table tennis support the use of robots, it is also fun to watch then portray the digital skills in the game. Controversial debates of robots, in general, have both positive and negative effects. Health experts foresee and increase in the number of people with lifestyle diseases simply because it reduces the physical exercise among household which means a slow blood circulation to major body organs as well as weight gain.


Obesity is a headache among health personnel, in as much as there is massive awareness of clean eating and physical exercises, it beats logic to involve in physical activities when there are cheaper options to run household chores.




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