Why You Should Use Emails When Communicating to Subscribers

Music is just as amazing as it sounds. The harmony and instruments used when listening to a music create an impact of imagination like creating a haven full of happiness – that is if you are listening to a happy song. There are times when you just flat out laying on your bed all day and you wanted to listen to songs. Then it comes to you that you would like to create a music of your own or a vibe of your own. You wanted to be identified and you wanted to build a name because that is how and where most popular singers started.

The process

You then create a Youtube channel that caters to all of those who would like to listen to you or plainly those who love music. Suddenly after posting, you’re first ever video, you get to a point where there are subscribers. Subscribers make you famous. And with this alone, you can definitely make money. As you make money, you get to realize that there are several options for you to gain more. Advertisements and sponsorships would come from time to time. Before you know it, you are already building a name for yourself.

Now that you have hundred and thousands of subscribers, you wanted to be able to understand how these subscribers would grow to millions and have your videos trending. For bloggers, it depends on the hits of their websites. For video creators like you, you just have to have a click or a bait that will have people look for you and properly support you all the way through. The first step is email reach out. Go ahead and create an email address that is only for your Youtube channel. Link your entertainment or show business related accounts then see for yourself.

Reaching out to you

The fastest way to reach out to your audience is through email. Send them a short clincher of your thank you’s and gratitude toward their support. After all, you would not be in your position without your subscribers. Aside from your gratitude email, have them subscribe to your channel at a specific time and day. The next thing that you want to do is send exclusive music tracks and vibes to your first 10 subscribers at this particular time. Other subscribers who did not get an email from you will crave for more and they would most likely watch out for your next promotion. Sending music vibes to your subscriber means that you have a personal touch with them and that you care about the music that they are listening to. If they send you emails, reply to them in a professional manner and let them know that you appreciate them.

Being famous in the industry of show business or even music is not an easy task. You always have to have something that would not leave your audience hanging wondering what could have happened or what is in store for you. The best part is making sure that your music vibes are all unique and is not copied from anyone else. Your subscribers would feel honored and flustered at the same time knowing that someone who is in the public eye and who is famous, is sending emails to subscribers to keep them posted.

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