Rhythmic Music help you with bowel movements to help

Many people among us who are not related to science in any form they don’t know what bowel movement basically is. It is almost very last stop for the movement of food which you eat through your whole digestive tract in the body. Waste material which is commonly called stool or feces passes out of the body through two different parts known as Anus and Rectum.

Sometimes in a person, this process fails to complete its cycle and feces don’t pass out of the body as in normal days. There can be many problems which can take place but here we have a focus on how to make their movement normal so that they can pass out the body easily.

Rhythmic music plays one major role in the bowel movement. If you are having any problem with the movement of bowel then make sure you have the right collection of music at your home. Rhythmic music can keep your mind fresh and relaxed. Listening to your favorite music releases all the stress and anxiety, hormones get relaxed and they facilitate the bowel movement.

Music is said to be the food for the soul but the latest researches show the reaping and healing effect of music on the human mind and body. Music can give us goosebumps to make us cry triggering certain emotions and feelings one can associate with. Music nowadays helps us get a sound sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, eases pain and gets your poop moving. Everything in the world goes by the rhythmic movement. Rhythmic music plays one major role in the bowel movement.

Another part is played by the Toilet seat. If you have a proper toilet seat in your bathroom it can help you to pass your feces easily. The comfortable and proper toilet seat is a must thing to have in your bathroom, if you don’t have a proper one you can have different rashes and bruise on your skin. When you don’t find your toilet seat more comfortable like kohler’s toilet obviously how your bowel movement can be normal. Another important thing which should be kept in mind that the proper cleaning of your toilet seat. It can make a person’s mind comfortable that yes the place is neat and one can pass feces without any stress or in hurry.

Apart from the rhythmic music and proper selection of toilet seat you should know one more thing which can facilitate the bowel movement and that is right positioning. Never force to pass your bowel only because of hurry or rush. For better positioning make sure you keep your knees at a higher position as compared to your hips and make your back straight as much as you can. When the time comes to pass feces try to tense the stomach as compared to the rectum. It can help you a lot in the movement of the bowel.

Last thing which should be kept in mind that a proper diet should be taken because if you are continuously taking food full of fats can affect your bowel movement. So make sure to eat all kind of foods rather than sticking to one type.

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