French cuisine is very known in the world, their world class, and sophisticated restaurants because as the French say cooking is love made visible but many French people are busy people who want a speed service for food, and that is why they also have different fast food chains. French fast food chains like any other fast food in the world, mostly offers, fries and burgers yes course food that are easy to cook and food that can be eaten to go and even when walking, foods that can fill the stomach for the hungry French who are busy as always.

There are many fast foods in French, and here are some of the list.

Five Guys at Paris, France a franchise burger fast food chain that serves fantastic burgers and tasty fries, their burger was top with fresh vegetables that make it yummier and tastier. Eating its burger taste like any other franchise of this fast food chain in the world.

Burak in Paris France serves burgers, fries, sandwiches, kebab and more. Cheap fast food in French that will surely not become cheap on the taste of their food, their seasoned fries has a great taste too.

Maison de la Poutine Paris, France, casual place that offers the Canadian inspired food Poutine. Poutine is consisting of fries with cheese curds, a food for guilt pleasure. Their amazing French fries and amazing gravy makes the customers crave for more and more.

Maison de Gyros Paris, France, gyro was a Greek recipe that consist of beef, tomato, onions and a special sauce to top it all. This food is now in Paris, France and it was love by the French people, meat is fresh, ambiance of the place was also casual. A great food for a cheaper price, sure hit for those who want to save money.

Fermier Gourmet Paris, France, offers burger, barbeque, fries and so more. Their mushroom sauce blends their food, that will make you crave for more. Salad are serve with lots of vegetables and the beef barbeque is incredibly to die for. The price is also right for those who will look for cheaper lunch breaks, a delicious food that will not cost you too much.

Patati Patata Paris, France, serves baked potato with lots of variations of flavor, customer will be the one to choose for the toppings of their bake potato, potatoes are fresh, the place is good, and the price is justifiable.

Hamler’s Burgery Paris, France, want to have a delicious burger? This is the place to be an American burger in Paris, France. It is a bit pricy than the other burger shop but the taste is worth your money. Aside from its amazing burgers, their fries and shakes are also to die for.

All Star Food Paris France, offers great pizza and crepes. Their food is affordable and taste like heaven that you really want to come back for more.

Ya Hala Paris France, they offer excellent food that you shouldn’t miss. Their fan and sandwiches are delicious that you will surely crave for more.

L’As du Fallafel Paris France, offer great kosher, sandwiches and falafel. Falafel are meat balls or like patty an Egyptian dish that now was being loved by the French people. They have the best falafel in Paris, that is why you shouldn’t miss it. And it only cost in a very cheap price.

Some French fast foods are franchise and inspired by other nations, but adding French twist and taste with it make it standout and tastier.

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