Beyond a simple editorial, artistic and cultural reference, 90bpm is today a small phenomenon of the web, respected and knighted by the greatest number. The wager of age no doubt, surely wisdom. From its 14 years of existence, via thousands of content, 90bpm arises in 2015 as a professional media of new musical trends.

Shaping and integrating the desires with a sharp glance, posed on past, present and future cultural and musical rhythms, 90bpm is much more than a web media, it is a social link between several generations.

The motto of 90bpm is “Rhythm Of The Day” because 90bpm is a magazine that evolves with its time. At the same time French pillar of cultural magazines on the web and a solid innovative push on a daily basis, 90bpm is an original and innovative innovator – and is today a referent and prescriptive source in the fields of electro, Bass music, hip-hop, rock, soul, modern garage or dubstep.

Every day is a new creative start, beaten by new aesthetic, musical, social winds and prefiguring the future of our desires, and often of our debates. 90bpm lives with his time and beats the pavement, looking from all sides, often having the audacity to do what we like and talk about what we love, what we live.